Wedding Brewing

One of the main things I was intent upon doing for our wedding was brewing the beers for it. And if you want to do the same, God help you.


Cascade Apricot Sour

Sour beer is, for me, the next great thing. It’s the new frontier, a view into a wide world of flavors that have only just begun to be discovered. It’s a beer style that needs to be sipped and appreciated and did you say NINE &*@%ING DOLLARS!?!!?!?

Ginger Man in Boston

The beer bar of New York acclaim has opened a location down the street from where I work and I’m screwed. A converted old bank (in the Financial District? Who knew) with huge ceilings and a private room in what used to be the vault, Ginger Man has managed to adapt to the local aesthetic…

Shilling Beer Company

The official reason for traveling up through the great state of New Hampshire and into Vermont was a wedding, but Google offered some additional points of interest on the way, including what is now one of my favorite spots, Shilling Beer Company.

Thomas Hardy’s, 1999

A very good friend with a knack for finding the weirdest and most wonderful things in seemingly derelict shops stumbled upon this unicorn of a beer. By stroke of luck he happened to grab the 1999 vintage, which was the last to be produced by the original English brewery.