Cider – An Update

Whelp, that didn’t turn out as expected.

After about three months burping away in our little study in the depths of winter, my second round of ciders are, uh, complete. Insofar as they are complete failures. Mostly.


Hard Cider From Store Bought Juice

Recently I decided to get back into making hard cider and figured this would be a good time to go over the basics of how it works. While a lot of purists will tell you only orchard-fresh, unpasteurized juice made from a blend of specifically cultured apples is the only way to “true” hard cider, a damn good drink can be made with regular store bought juice and a few techniques.

Meet Brett

No, Brett isn’t the name of some bearded, flannelled brewer somewhere in the Pacific Northwest (although it probably is). It’s the nickname brewers have given to brettanomyces, a unique and still not completely understood genus of yeast that produces a set of flavors that, in some circles, are to be avoided at all costs.