Cigars – Add Another Hobby To The List


I apparently can’t stick to just one hobby. Brewing, cider making, cooking, video games, occasional painting, (theoretical) woodworking, barbecue, and now the latest: cigars.

Cigars are nothing new to me, but I have been an indifferent cigar smoker for well over a decade. There was a brief interlude of pipe smoking, which was when I realized there was more to tobacco than cigarettes (I just don’t get them) and the flavored cigarillos and cloves of my misspent youth. Smoking could actually have flavors, and wasn’t just to look cool, aloof, or give you something to do while all your friends went outside for a cigarette break at the bar.

But it wasn’t until recently that I decided that I would really delve into the world of cigars. The different types, terminology, and culture suddenly peaked my interest. On my honeymoon to sunny Cancun I made it a point to take a sketchy bus from our Disney-land resort to a more, let’s say real part of town. I made the pilgrimage (it was a 15 minute ride) to La Casa Del Habano, reputedly the only source for authentic Cuban cigars in the area.

I can do a whole ‘nother post about Cuban cigars, but suffice it to say they’re expensive. Like $25 dollars US a piece expensive for the real deal (and there are a LOT of fakes). Want that Cohiba? $45 bucks. For ONE cigar. I’ve had one a few years back, and it was an amazing experience, but I couldn’t justify the cost. Now that I had a couple more bucks to rub together, I figured it was time to try them out again. I opted for the famous Montecristo #2, enjoying it on a beautiful beach. Perfect.

So upon return to the US I innocently Googled up some online retailers of cigars, and boom: so many types, brands, flavors, and price points my head swam. I went online to cigar forums (the kiss of death my dear wife knows, once I get into online forums for something I’m hooked). I decided on a few sampler packs with different brands and types, I opted to buy my first whole box, I got a top of the line hygrometer to measure the exact humidity and temperature of my ugly but very effective Tupperware container with Spanish cedar tray (read Tupperdore). The hobby has begun.

So despite it being the dead of winter in New England, I managed to get in a few smokes when the weather took an unexpected warm turn. I’m still developing my palate and tastes, but I feel like I did when I first started enjoying craft beer. I don’t know much about the industry, but I want to learn, and I want to discover all these brands and flavors that I’ve never experienced. So be warned reader: you’re going to see a lot more cigar-talk on this here blog.

Be sure to check out my Instagram for simple little reviews on each cigar!





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