Ginger Man in Boston

The beer bar of New York acclaim has opened a location down the street from where I work and I’m screwed.

A converted old bank (in the Financial District? Who knew) with huge ceilings and a private room in what used to be the vault, Ginger Man has managed to adapt to the local aesthetic while still maintaining their own identity. The result is a very cool space to grab a very expensive beer after work.


Am I complaining? Yeah, I guess. I mean, I get it. This isn’t exactly the cheapest part of town, the people wandering around here can literally light up their American Spirits with twenties. I’m not saying the prices aren’t reflective of the area, they are. I just wonder about the trickle down effect. Are astronomical beer prices going to push away consumers? Particularly craft beer first timers?


And what about the grizzled beer and food bloggers, who have seen it all and wonder what the hell they’re doing here, laying down hard won cash from their day jobs for a chance to sample a beer that, (their wives pointedly mention) cost less than half at the packie down the street? Well, I’m probably sitting next to a few right now, as we shake our heads and sip at our thimbles of $9 beer and tap away at our WordPress app. Such is blogger life.




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