Meet Brett

No, Brett isn’t the name of some bearded, flannelled brewer somewhere in the Pacific Northwest (although it probably is). It’s the nickname brewers have given to brettanomyces, a unique and still not completely understood genus of yeast that produces a set of flavors that, in some circles, are to be avoided at all costs.

Cascade Apricot Sour

Sour beer is, for me, the next great thing. It’s the new frontier, a view into a wide world of flavors that have only just begun to be discovered. It’s a beer style that needs to be sipped and appreciated and did you say NINE &*@%ING DOLLARS!?!!?!?

Ginger Man in Boston

The beer bar of New York acclaim has opened a location down the street from where I work and I’m screwed. A converted old bank (in the Financial District? Who knew) with huge ceilings and a private room in what used to be the vault, Ginger Man has managed to adapt to the local aesthetic…